If at first you don’t succeed………

I joined this site in mid-2013 and was amazed at the incredible amount of information about Gregg Shorthand that Carlos and others have provided here.   After reading all of the archived posts and learning about the different versions of Gregg Shorthand… and… learning about all of the available books and everyone’s recommendations about what version to learn and what order to tackle the books…. my head was spinning (in a good way) and I was ready to get started.

The first decision was what version of GS to study… and the debate boiled down to Anni vs Simplified.   I haunted ebay and Abebooks and Amazon and accumulated a nice library of books for both.   Carlos’ advice convinced me that the Functional Method was the way to go….

Then life intervened and for the past 18 months, I have been the primary caretaker for a dear friend with Alzheimer’s disease and liver cancer.   My GS studies stopped almost as soon as they had begun.

Now I’m back and eager to start again.

I am leaning towards Anniversary, but a little voice in the back of my head is still taunting me with the Simplified call.   I need to make a decision and dive in…

Anyway…. I just wanted to re-introduce myself on this terrific site.

I am about to turn 70 years young (next week) and I never studied GS in school.   I graduated from high school in 1963 so they would have been teaching Simplified for most of my high school years.

I have always wanted to learn GS, so now is as good a time as any !!!

I shall spend the weekend deciding on which version to study, then dive in on Monday.   I want to pick a version and stick with it, so it is an important decision……


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  1. Anniversary means a higher memory load, but there's a lot more interesting reading material in Anniversary – novels rather than business letters or tips for how secretaries can please their bosses by having coffee ready for him in the morning.

  2. Philip – I remember those days – smile and make the coffee 🙂 My mother, of course, had it far worse. Women in her day (born in 1915) could be housewives, teachers, librarians or nurses and that was about it.

    But….. back to GS…..

    The 2 things that make Anniversary appealing to me are 1) the literature that is available (Alice in Wonderland in particular !!!) and 2) the "fullness" of Anniversary as a system.

    Anniversary also has the most books available (and I have most of them from several months of finding them on ebay, at the Amazon Marketplace of used books and at places like AbesBooks.

    But… when I consider my age…. I wonder if the somewhat shorter learning curve of Simplified makes more sense.

    My main interest in learning GS is.. first… it is something I have always wanted to do and time is running out and…. second.. to keep my brain active and challenged.

    So.. there are pros and cons to each… but… I think Alice in Wonderland (and other stories) are going to make Anniversary the winner 🙂

  3. Susan, Given your objectives, I think you made an excellent choice with anniversary. Not easy, but good. Anniversary has lots of abbreviations, many of which have more than one meaning. That requires the interpretation of many words from context. Every sentence is a bit of a puzzle which needs to be interpreted. Of course, it becomes easier as you become more familiar with the abbreviations. I recommend keeping an anniversary dictionary close by. Get a regular edition of Alice in Wonderland (or whichever Gregg story you're reading) and as you puzzle out a sentence refer back to the regular text to see if you're right. If you're pretty sure of an abbreviation but don't want to see the whole sentence you can also check your guess against the dictionary.

    I think it will be a lot more fun than crosswords and sudoku.

    1. Excellent suggestion, Howard, about getting a regular edition of Alice in Wonderland. Is there a particular version/edition of Alice that I need to get to match the GS version? I won't need it for "a while" … LOL. But searching for used books is another hobby of mine…..

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