“A Refresher Course in Gregg Shorthand”

I was just perusing eBay and saw this book – A Refresher Course in Gregg Shorthand” by John Robert Gregg offered for sale.   I am not going to buy it – they are asking $40.

But I’m curious.  I had not seen this book before.  It says that it is copyright 1942 and printed in 1945, so it must be Anniversary edition.

The title seems self-evident, but there was no table of contents shown nor any pages… just the book cover.

Is this a summary of Anniversary principles?   Does it have reading and writing exercises in it that aren’t found elsewhere?

As always…. I am curious 🙂   At a much lower price, I probably would have ordered it -sight unseen… but not at $40…..

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  1. I have the Refresher Course for Simplified.

    I only looked through it briefly because it said that it was not intended for new learners but for those who had studied it at one point but had forgotten or wished to refresh their skills.

    If I remember, I might try to find it in my shelf and have a look. (I presume the Anniversary edition will be similar in concept and style.)

  2. I have a copy of it. It is basically a collection of reprinted plates from other Anniversary books. It contains 27 units that contain similar material to the 3d edition of Gregg Speed Studies (penmanship, brief-form derivatives and phrase drills, word lists, reading material). It also contains a cumulative list of brief forms, special forms, special phrases, and disjoined analogical word beginnings/endings all written by Louis Leslie (same lists that appear in other books). The book ends with practice material on the reversing principle, omission of vowels, blends, and the abbreviating principle. The book states that it should be used in conjunction with Part II of the 3d edition of Gregg Speed Studies.

    In my opinion, save your $40.

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