My method of studying the Anni Brief Forms….

Just an FYI…

I printed the list of Anni Brief Forms from Andrew’s angelfishy site on to heavy card stock.

Then, I cut each brief form into a strip and divided them into groups in the order of which they are presented in the Anni Functional Manuals i.e. by assignments.   I put each assignment’s group of brief forms into a small envelope.

As I start each new assignment, I pull out the envelope containing that assignment’s brief forms so that I can carry it in my purse and study them when I have a few minutes of down time (waiting in lines, sitting in waiting rooms, taking a coffee break, etc.)

As I finish each assignment, I put those brief forms into a small plastic container that holds all of the brief forms for the previous assignments.   I keep that by my favorite chair in the living room so that I can pick it up and do a quick review of all of the brief forms that I have studied to that point.

My system is working well… so far…

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