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You will all receive an email from me asking you to reply YES if you still want access to the blog. If you can please reply to the email by September 30, I will appreciate it.

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  1. Carlos – Have you sent the emails yet? I have not received one….. I'm wondering if you still have my old email address in your file….but don't know if you have sent the emails yet or not….


  2. Carlos,

    As I suspected, you still have my old email address. I went there and found your message in my Inbox. I never use that email address anymore.

    I replied, including my new email address in the body of my message so that you can change it in your records.

    1. Thank you… and…… a huge thank you for providing this wonderful place and for your patience with all of our questions. I would not be attempting to teach myself Gregg shorthand without this resource !!!

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