Lots of Shorthand in the Secret Annex

Stumbled on another interesting bit tonight.  There was quite a lot of shorthand studying (in different languages, too) in the Secret Annex.  Check out Annefrank.org for info.  I don’t know what type of shorthand this is.  The characters do look Greggish.

This is a stenography exercise by Margot, I think:

Otto en Edith Frank take into account that hiding could be for a long period of time. They bring school books for their daughters.

Anne Frank: Shorthand
in French, English, German and Dutch, Geometry, Algebra, History,
Geography, Art History, Mythology, Biology, Bible History, Dutch
Literature; likes to read biographies, dull or exciting, and history
books (sometimes novels and light reading).

Peter van Pels: Is learning English, French (correspondence course), shorthand
in Dutch, English and German, Commercial Correspondence in English,
Woodworking, Economics and sometimes Math; seldom reads, sometimes

Margot Frank: Correspondence courses in English, French and Latin, Shorthand
in English, German and Dutch, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Mechanics,
Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, English Literature, French
Literature, German Literature, Dutch Literature, Bookkeeping, Geography,
Modern History, Biology, Economics; reads everything, preferably on
religion and medicine.

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