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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these dictation practice records with us. I was surprised how easy it was to download them to Evernote and to find it works great. Thanks for all the work you did to get them to us. I love it!

    1. Oh good, I'm glad you were able to save them fine. I was beginning to think I'd scared people off with Evernote, or that the format just wasn't working, heh. Evernote really does make it easy to have your own portable "shorthand laboratory."

      With all the work that went into it, I'm really glad to know others will be able to make use of them, too. It makes it that much more worthwhile! :o) If the files ever become corrupted (and I've had music mp3's that have become corrupted before, so I know it's a possibility), at least there will be multiple copies "out there" to help preserve it.

  2. One more thing. Some of the records had scratches. I was able to clean up a lot of them, but a few couldn't be repaired. These were noted in Evernote. For those who didn't save them before in Evernote, here is where they are:

    There is 1 skip in the Gregg Speed Set Four on record 3 side B band 1 letter 1: "The enclosed contract signed by you is all that is necessary– (skip) We'll do the rest. Yours very truly."

    There are 3 skips from scratches in the Conversa-phone recordings (the zip file includes a transcript booklet, so you'll have no problem seeing where the skips are).

    Side A Band 2: In the closing address of the third letter, a scratch in the recording caused the words "Washington Street" to be omitted.

    Side A Band 4: In the second paragraph of the second letter, the words "all our" were omitted due to a scratch in the sentence "As you know all our sinks.."

    Side B Band 1: In the second paragraph of the second letter, the words "with the" are omitted in the sentence, "Please sign and post the enclosed Poster to comply with the State Law" due to a scratch in the record.

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