Just curious… is there anyone doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)… in shorthand?  Does anyone find it faster to write this way?  So many complain that they don’t like to write by hand, that typing can keep up with their thoughts better.  So I’m curious if anyone has tried doing NaNo in shorthand, since shorthand has a better chance of keeping up with one’s thoughts.

Note:  NaNoWriMo is a novel writing marathon that runs every November.  The goal is to write a first-draft 50,000-word novel, beginning Nov. 1st and finishing by Nov. 30th midnight.

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  1. I was thinking about trying nanowrimo in shorthand also! I will probably do a lot of words in print when I am unsure of the outline, but evenif I just get a third of the word count done, it could be so hhelpful! and there's a nice nanowrimo group even in my 50k population town.

    I think I will start by writing a bunch of children's book ideas I have, then maybe try to connect them together after the fact into a series or something. trying to make some toddler-friendly Gregg childrens books I will be able to read my infant daughter over the coming years.

    what are your nanowrimo ideas?

  2. I would intersperse shorthand with longhand as needed, too, especially when speed is a factor this month!

    My kids are both doing NaNo, but they are mostly just typing it into their Evernote on the Kindle or PC. For myself, with my shorthand penmanship still somewhat subpar, I like writing the day's work in notehand, and then transcribing it into Evernote while it's still fresh and I can decipher it! At the end of the month they want typewritten work to verify anyway, so shorthand wouldn't work at that stage. So I might as well transcribe a little each day, or maybe catch up once or twice a week.

    Good luck on your children's book! It sounds like you have a good plan!

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