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  1. One of the design goals of Gregg shorthand is not to have "position writing" – there is no baseline where some letters are raised or lowered relative to.

    So you can write it on any sort of paper (completely blank, lined/ruled, grid, hex, …).

    The proportions (half-long, long, very long) should be obvious from the writing itself, as long as you are not just writing one or two words in isolation.

  2. I'm far from expert, but since this is the internet, that won't stop me from offering an opinion.

    Grid paper shouldn't be a problem as long as the horizontal lines are far enough apart. The standard for "Gregg ruled" steno pads is 1/3 of an inch of space between the lines. Some people naturally write larger or smaller shorthand than that but it's probably best to give the standard a fair trial before ignoring it. (Learn the rules so that you can break them properly, as they say in art class.)

    Is there any danger that using grid paper too cautiously would result in slow writing? Staring at the grid as you write, carefully trying to make your M exactly 2.25 times longer than your N, wouldn't that result in endless hesitation?

    1. One possibility I am toying with (if I can get the lines just right in my wordprocessing program) is creating a guide sheet with extra dark lines that I can put underneath stenopad pages. That way that middle line would show up from underneath the page, if the paper isn't too thick.

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