Dictation Disc Company Set 43

There are 33 dictations in this set, ranging from 100, 110 and 120 wpm.  This set does not correspond with any particular shorthand system.  There is no copyright or rights-reserved mark anywhere in the set–
indeed, there is nothing at all that indicates in what year this was
produced, other than the dated photos (i.e. hair styles/clothing).

I cleaned up the static and pops in Audacity as best I could, but there were some fatal scratches on a few of the tracks.  The following tracks had scratches/skips, shown below so there won’t be such a jolt when you come to them:

  • Set 43 — Record 10A — Band 4 (at .51 seconds)
  • Set 43 — Record 10B — Band 3 (at 1:09)
  • Set 43 — Record 11B — Band 4

    (at .33)

  • Set 43 — Record 12A — Band 1 (at
    .58 and 1.02)
  • Set 43 — Record 12B — Band 3 

    1:12 and 1:26)

Despite some of the skips, there is still a lot of practice material here, even on the tracks with some skips.

I scanned in the box covers and papers that were inside and put them together into one .pdf file.  All the mp3’s and .pdf file are together in one zip file.   Thanks again, Howard, for sending these records!

Attachment: DDC 43

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    1. I actually bought a USB record player last fall mainly so I could digitize shorthand records (OK, I did have some obscure music records that never got released on CD that I wanted to hear again, too!) But that shows you how much I wanted to get back into doing shorthand again for myself, and how much I thought it could still make a useful skill for students in our high-tech world today. I see so much potential for it beyond the realm of secretaries and such.

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