Dictation Disc Company Set 480

Many thanks to Howard for sending these records so I could digitize them!

There are 30 dictation recordings in this set that range from 40 to 80 wpm.  There is no copyright or rights-reserved mark anywhere in the set– indeed, there is nothing at all that indicates in what year this was produced, other than the dated photos (i.e. hairstyles/clothing). 

This set does correspond with lessons from “the new Gregg book”– it doesn’t specify which one it is.  Guessing from the hairstyles, it is either Simplified or DJS.  But no matter, these can be used with any shorthand system.  It’s great having a slower set of recordings to practice from– beginner friendly!

I scanned the box covers and the papers inside and put them all into one .pdf file.  Everything (mp3’s and .pdf) is available in one zip file.

Attachment: DDC 480

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