Dictation Disc Company Spelling Aid Vol. 1 (1960)

Here is something that might interest Louis A. Leslie collectors.  It’s not exactly shorthand related, but it will help you learn how to spell the 400 most commonly misspelled words in the English language (and thus help you with your transcription skills!)  The set is edited (and most likely dictated) by Louis A. Leslie.

There are 20 bands on the record and each band contains 20 spelling words.  A .pdf of the album cover, instructions, and progress chart are included.

Here is the link to the zip file (.pdf and 20 mp3’s).  Happy spelling!

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  1. Another resource for the homeschooling arsenal! Thanks very much Teri. 🙂

    Mr. Leslie published a book entitle 20,000 Words, which is just a long list of important words divided by syllables. There's also a 25,000 Words book for the more ambitious.

    I also have a steno-formatted book Teach Your Fingers to Type which teaches spelling via typewriting drills, thereby developing two skill sets simultaneously.

  2. Yes, this is a good one for homeschooling- one that allows the student to work on their own. Definite bonus!

    Thanks for the heads up for the two Leslie spelling books– gosh, that guy did everything! I saw another DDC he did for science, too.

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