Thought this was fun

Skip to 1:00 in this video. There’s a Flair felt tip pen commercial with a snippet of Gregg shorthand (and lots of goofy hearts)

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  1. It's interesting to see Gregg show up in a color TV commercial. I've been focused on the Gregg Anniversary manual, so in my mind, Gregg was popular when travel by horse and train was. Seeing it in recentish popular culture is a pleasant surprise!

  2. I don't think the hearts have anything to do with Gregg shorthand. The advertisement is for Flair pens, and the secretary is "setting her spirit free" by putting aside the boring job of taking stuffy office dictation, and drawing colorful hearts with a Flair pen. But that's not all. Flair pens are a product of the Paper Mate company, whose logo is two hearts, one above the other. That logo appears on the pocket clip of each Flair pen. So the secretary is drawing the logo.

    As another observation, the Gregg shorthand in this ad is of mixed style. The word "reference" is spelled out as in Diamond Jubilee and later, while "letter" is written with a short form as in Simplified and earlier.

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