Dr. Who shorthand sighting

I was watching Dr. Who this weekend and saw some shorthand!  It’s in the episode called Blink from season 3 (the one with the weeping angels).  Here is the link to the shorthand scene– the shorthand is found at minute 1:36.  Below is a screenshot of it.  I guess this is Pittman shorthand, though a few characters look Greggish.  Just think, our shorthand could have an application in time travel!  ;o)

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it there without interruption (it’s season 301 episode 11 there).

eta:  apparently shorthand has made multiple appearances in this series.  Read more here.

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  1. This doesn't look like Pitman to me. Though I'm not a Pitman user, I can usually make out some words and phrases, and I can't find anything familiar here. It's also very clearly not Gregg. Does anyone have a clue what it is? Teeline? Something else?

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