Gregg Shorthand Junior Manual

Here’s another elusive gem.  I believe Carlos mentioned there are 3 different editions of this text… this one is from 1927.  Supposedly there was an accompanying Junior Readings in Gregg Shorthand, too (sorry, I don’t have that one).  This volume was intended for personal use (as opposed to vocational) shorthand and the target audience was junior high students.  So this is another early version of Notehand, you could say.

There are 12 lessons, each containing 3 units– and each unit is further split up into exercises intended for one 40-45 minute period of study, 3 periods per week.  The introduction states it can be completed in 30 weeks (or about 10 months’ if you do about one lesson per month).

I really love the drills in this book, something they dropped in the later Notehand texts (though they had something somewhat similar in Notehand called evolution drills which was word expansion exercises). 

Attachment: Junior Manual

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  1. I have editions from 1925, 1927, and one that's oddly labeled "Anniversary Edition" on the cover but has the same 1925/1927 copyright date and seems to be identical with a brief page-to-page comparison. I haven't done a comparison to see what was different between 1925 and 1927–again, looking at random pages they seem to be the same.

  2. Teri, what a gem of a book.  Thanks very much for posting this for us.

    Carlos, would it pose future problems to use this book for learning?  I have a dream of being able to use Anniversary and Pre-Anniversary very well.

  3. I'm in Unit 6 of Anniversary.  I am using some supplemental books, too.  I check the 1916 Manual to see how it differs, and am doing the exercises in Graded Reading, Fundamental Drills,  Progressive Exercises, and Speed Studies.  


    (When something gets tedious, or it isn't clear, I take a break by looking at the explanations in DJS, or one of the other simpler versions.)

    1. My recommendation is to still use your current books. The problem with the Junior Manual is that the order of presentation is very different from the regular manual, so you won't have enough graded reading and writing practice to supplement the learning in the order in which the Junior Manual presents it. On the other hand, the supplemental books that you have (such as Graded Readings, Fundamental Drills, Progressive Exercises, Speed Studies) go for the most part in the order of the regular Anniversary manual.

      Be aware that while the 1916 and the Anniversary series are very similar, there are differences, and the Anniversary Junior Manual is slightly different than the one posted here.

      If you still like the Junior Manual, you can always read it to supplement your learning, but don't rely on it as your main book.

  4. Carlos, thanks very much.  I appreciate your taking the time to answer.  🙂

    I will enjoy using the Junior Manual as supplemental book.  I think the material is presented in a charming way.



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