The Legends of Shorthand

I just found this book in Amazon and eBay. Mr. Tursi is President of the NY State Court Reporter’s Association, and founder, director, and instructor at the Verbatim School of Court Reporting in Long Island, NY. He wrote this book in 2015. It has chapters on Mr. Pitman, Dr. Gregg, Mr. Dupraw, and Mr. Swem, among other reporters. Has anyone read this book? I may contact Mr. Tursi about the book and ask his permission to write one of the chapters in Gregg Shorthand for the blog.

More about Mr. Tursi and the book on his website.

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  1. Well, I have it now, LOL. Funny, I've searched for shorthand books many times, and this one has never come up before (and it's been out for almost a year now!) It's not a long book. I just got the Kindle version, and it estimates the time to read at 1 hour and 53 minutes; 108 pages.

    Thanks for posting!

    1. The book was a great overall historical summary of pen and machine shorthand. I would have loved for it to have gone more into depth, but it had some really interesting nuggets in it.

      Loved the bit about William Rosenberg writing with a potato because he had a hurt hand– and yet still managed to win the championship!

      I found it fascinating just how many of the world events were captured thanks to shorthand (from Salem witch trials, to Lincoln's assassination, to Guantanamo Bay).

      I think anyone who enjoys shorthand will find this book worth their while.

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