Gregg Writer (Vol. XV)

I don’t know if this has already been posted (I checked the tags and didn’t see it, at least), but Volume XV of the Gregg Writer (which spans September 1912 to August 1913) is available as a .pdf on Internet Archive here.

Does anyone know of any others?

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  1. Yes, we commented about it, not long ago, :-). I think the only other one available is Vol 7-8, from 1905.

    For the Gregg Shorthand material in the Internet Archive, we were lucky to have one of our members, Paul James (pablo4theater), who at the time worked at the LA library, undertake this project, and also, gives us a heads up when he would upload content. He did a fantastic job in the research and actual scanning of the original books, so that those resources would become electronically available. He hasn't posted here in a while, but I know that he is still collecting materials, and recently let me know that he will make other materials available. If he uploads something new, we will be first to know for sure.

    (Incidentally, tags are not the best way to search the site. The best way is to use the search box on top, since it is a Google search. It took me just a couple seconds to find the post after I typed "Gregg Writer.")

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