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Someone in the Facebook Gregg Shorthand group posted this photo of a phrase from a court document, possibly from the 1960s.  Any ideas about a transcription?  What about the outline that looks like a gay, kay, and ish stacked together?  Curious about the thoughts of the experts in this group.

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  1. I'm sort of lost here. Why is this isolated on the page if it's from a court document? If it's really Gregg, I think I can make out some of the outlines, but not all, and I can't get any sense out of it. It seems to begin "To come at you…", and the first line seems to end with "shall each form…." The first outline on the second line looks line "can compel," but the immediately following outlines seem to say "of debts." The second line may end with "action and…." I don't know what that radio beacon thing is. I hope someone else has better insight into this.

  2. I had to ask twice to get this much context . . . the initial question was about the beacon-like symbol.

    One of my guesses was that the opening words might be "to come to this conclusion", with an idiosyncratic outline for "conclusion".

    But I have no more information than that. It seemed like an unusual enough sample to be worth seeing if anyone had any other thoughts about it. I did encourage the poster to join this group and ask here, himself.

  3. I've been watching this page with interest, hoping someone could figure it out. Was this isolated piece just copied from a larger document? It would be easier to figure out if there was more context to it.

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