Stroke order for a, h

In which order are we supposed to write the leading h in head and the leading a in ahead and away? Do we write the a and h first, followed by the rest of the word? When the h is in the middle of a word, we have to write it at end.

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  1. Similar to who had, but which would seemingly fit under the rule Carlos stated, are:

    – you had
    – he had
    – on hand
    – to handle

    For the latter two I find it makes sense to write the h dot at the end, but for “you had'' and “he had'' it's so close to the beginning that it feels almost like a shame to write it after, sort of like the second h dot in “who had''.

    1. Simple rule: if the h is sounded first, write it first. Actually, I think this is splitting hairs a little. As long as you can write the dot consistently and establish a rhythm that would allow you to write it quickly, it really doesn't matter much.

      (Actually, I omit the h dot in a lot of words in regular writing!)

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