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  1. Great article. I am retired, a Microsoft Certified Professional, teach iPad classes to seniors , and have gone back to my Franklin Covey Planner. Always on, never needs charging, does not beep, honk or toot. No stress and there is plenty of room to practice Gregg. Thanks, Carlos.

    1. I agree. I mostly write Gregg. I only write longhand if someone else will read whatever I’m writing. Maybe I’m from a different era and have a different mindset, but to me nothing compares to holding a real writing instrument.

  2. I’ve moved back to using a fountain pen for hand writing. They are so much easier on the hands for extended writing sessions. I don’t know why I put up with using ballpoints all those years 🙂

  3. Thanks for the idea Kyle. A while back I wrote about having trouble with Gregg handwriting. Later, I bought a different pen (gel) and couldn’t believe the difference it made. Maybe Ill try a fountain pen, too.

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