Underwater Spaceship

The USS Nautilus was the world’s first atomic submarine. It served from 1954 through 1980. If you’re near the Groton, CT area, you can visit the Submarine Force Museum, and tour the Nautilus. The submarine is better remembered for being the first ship to cross the North Pole. Terence Kay in his book “Space Volunteers” tells us what happened during Operation Sunshine, the voyage from the Pacific, under the North Pole ice cap, to the Atlantic. Here’s a selection from the book written by me in Anniversary.

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  1. Carlos, super presentation of the Underwater Spaceship and nicely written.  Thanks for your good work and choice of subject matter.  You make shorthand life quite interesting.  Although it is probably not widely used, don't forget to write something occasionally in pre-anny for us antiques who still use, read, and love it.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I always entertain requests, so I may write something using the 1916 edition :-).

      (Did you see the shortcut for the word "sub"?)

      1. Yes, I did notice the shortcut "sub," and good usage.  The only thing in the whole piece that tripped me up was the name of the sea on page 2, 3rd line from bottom, that looks like ch-u-k-ch-e (or ly).  ??

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