Suggested Changes for Notehand Programs (1965)

Here’s a page from the past.  It’s rather fun to see what teachers were thinking about to improve their Notehand courses.  The list can be helpful to anyone today who might be teaching Notehand.



From The Journal of Business Education
Volume 41, Issue 2, November 1965, page 86

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  1. Very interesting glimpse into the era when shorthand and Notehand were actually taught in schools.

    It's a bit of an incoherent document, though. "Encourage more juniors to take the course" followed by "request only seniors be admitted to the course", for instance.  "Have interesting lectures" —  unlike the terribly dull and boring stuff school usually consists of.  "Learn to type first" followed by "Introduce Notehand first".

    I wonder if people then just weren't aware of how they weren't making any sense.

  2. I don't think the document is incoherent or senseless. Notice what the opening paragraph says: Teachers made suggestions about changes they thought would be useful, and some of those suggested changes are listed. The divergence of opinions is acknowledged. So for instance, one person wanted more juniors to take the course, while another preferred that only seniors be admitted.

    Of course, this list wouldn't have been a very useful guide for anyone who was searching for the most effective approach to teaching the course.

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