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  1. Hi Carlos,

    I have a couple of questions. On page 3, column 2, 12th line:  "her eyes were constantly staring past him to the open window and the lawn ___."

    Page 4, column 2, line 3:  " ___ they neared the house…"

    And page 5, 1st column, line 7:  "by a pack of ___ dogs…"

    Hmm, can't figure them out.

  2. Thank you. I should have figured out "noiselessly." As for "beyond," I forget the rule for "y" in the middle of a word. It just gets dropped?

    Because of my health, I keep stopping and starting my learning. I forget things too easily.

    Thanks for the link too.

    1. Words with be- usually have the circle vowel dropped, unless it is absolutely necessary to keep it for readability. In this case, there are only two words possible with the b – o hook- nd outline: bond and beyond. Since one is a noun/verb and the other is an adverb, there should not be any confusion in transcribing.

      If one is not writing shorthand every day, reading shorthand is the best way to keep your knowledge fresh! smiley

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