I come from a part of the country where people pronounce “wh” words like other “w” words. I only know 2 people who pronounce the “wh” sound. So, I don’t bother to put the dot above the w. I’m just curious if anyone else drops it, and where do you live?

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  1. I'll second what Carlos says. I believe the majority of English speakers don't distinguish w from wh nowadays. Furthermore, Gregg shorthand uses the same symbol(s) for the two th sounds, and ditto for s and z. In light of this, there seems to be no reason to distinguish w from wh.

  2. There are a number of outlines that are spelled in a way that doesn't match how I pronounce them (I pronounce finance, for example, with a long i) but I decided to stick as close to the official outlines as I could. This seems more like a personal decision, though.

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