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Are there any previous/next links I’m just not seeing?

I’m reading my way through the archived blog posts off and on, and it’s a right old pain in the expletive without prev/next capability…

If that sort of link is really not there–i.e. if I’m not just blind-spotting them– could the maintainer(s) please take a look at

and give some consideration to adding them?

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  1. If I understand correctly, you are looking for Next-Previous post links within each post. Is that correct? If so, no one has ever requested those links to be added, nor I have seen them in other blogs that I follow. But I'll take a look.

    In the meantime, you can always go to the Archive, click the desired month/year with the RMB, and open the list of posts for that period of time in a new (separate) tab for easier navigation.

    1. Thanks, Carlos!  I appreciate your considering it.

      I think if you try it, you'll find it makes a surprising amount of difference for such a seemingly small feature. Well, when reading through a lot of entries, anyway.

      Take a look at one of these below if you want to see examples of some blogs using it (scroll/read the blog entries to the bottom, then click the 'Newer Post' link to move to the next article smoothly and keep reading; it's quite nice for obsessive reading sessions):


      And, of course, it gets even smoother if you have a browser add-on like Vimium, which sniffs out such 'next-previous' links and allows you to just smack a key (square brackets, left or right, in my case) to browse in those directions without reaching for the mouse.


        1. Oh, very nice! Thanks again Carlos; I've already been enjoying it on break at work today! currently chugging through January 2006 quite happily …

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