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I see that “usable” according to the the Anni dictionary uses a dis-joined “b” stroke.  Theory seems to be that dis-joined “b” is for “bility”.  Does that mean that “usable” and “usability” are the same outline in Anni?  Of course, they are different parts of speech and so should be able to be transcribed correctly in context, but I do want to make sure I’m on the right track here.  And is dis-joined “b” used for the “usable” outline for legibility purposes or some other reason?

Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks.

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  1. There was a rule mentioned somewhere in the manual that you can disjoin joined affixes to make it clear that it is a derivative of a brief form, definitely in the "New Rapid Course" (a version of Anni that came between Simplified), there was rule in which st was to be used for -est disjoined for words where it is needed to keep the form distinctive. I can't remember where exactly in the manual though or whether it was one of those rules which were never explicitly mentioned. 

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