Advanced Dictation & Transcription by Judy Dominick

I came across this .pdf online.  It does a pretty good job showing what a dictation course was like, at least for this Florida school.

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  1. Very interesting find.

    It does make me wonder why this teacher felt a need to produce a book like this, when the Gregg company/McGraw-Hill published similar materials.  Do you think she had something unique or different to offer?  

    And there's no indication in the document that she got permission from the copyright holder to publish.  

    1. Dade County in FL had adopted a system of quinmesters in the 70s. The whole idea was to utilize the school facilities to their maximum potential and be able to accommodate the increased enrollment in the county. A "quin" is a period of 9 weeks (45 days), 5 quins per year. A student had to take classes for 4 of the 5 quins — some of them took the full 5 quins. Students took the courses they wanted (all courses were "electives"). For that reason, and since the Gregg materials were published for a semester, new instructional materials had to be published for local use.

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