Anni FM Difficulties and Challenges

I was wondering if anyone else who who has worked their way through the Function Method of Anniversary Gregg has experienced a dramatic slowdown around lesson 60 when the prefixes and suffixes are added to the lessons.

Prior to that I was working at a decent pace similar to what must have been taught in classes back in the day (5 lessons a week, give or take). My retention of the theory and briefs had been good up to the point of these prefixes and suffixes.  Now I am down to maybe 2 lessons a week needed for retention and even then it is a bit weaker than I would like.

Is this a common experience for those who have done the full FM or is this just a unique personal struggle?

Please sure your experiences if you have finished the FM books and what challenges you had in doing so.  It might help encourage those of us still working through it to hear your story.

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  1. If I understand you correctly, once you hit those lessons with the prefixes/suffixes you progress slowed down? So the prefixes and suffixes are difficult to retain? If so, maybe if you first study the full list from the regular manual (Units 28, 29, 31, and 32) as they are presented, and use the same units of the 3d edition of Gregg Speed Studies (GSS) for reading and writing practice, you'll see progress, because the presentation is more logical.

    I'm not a fan of the way the prefixes and suffixes were arranged in the FM manual because it looks haphazard and without any structure. However, that arrangement has an explanation. In the original FM lessons when the FM manual had not been published, they used the 2d edition of GSS for the reading and writing practice, so Louis Leslie was following the order in which the prefixes/suffixes were presented in the letters of the 2d edition of GSS. In writing the final FM manual, he decided to stick with that same arrangement.

  2. Carlos,

    Yes that is what I was saying.  Good idea about using the Manual and Speed Studies.  I will integrate those into my learning with FM.  And, yes, the presentation of the prefixes and suffixes does seem haphazard and that could be a contributor to my lack of retention with them.  At least now I know why it was presented in that order (SS 2ed).  You seem to have an unending depth a knowledge with Gregg SH – thank you for sharing with us!

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