The Daily Gregg is back

I just noticed today that The Daily Gregg is up and active again, and has been so since January. Last month there were a lot of posts there, and I’ve just begun to wade through the all. It’s good to have it back.

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  1. I've been back on The Daily Gregg again, and am stumped by a word in a post there. It's in the eraser ad, which reads in part,

    MERIT PAEANS OF PRAISE … For possessing and using the exact eraser textures and shapes for specific kinds of f-o-l-t-l fastest "correcting" and cleaning.

    What is f-o-l-t-l ?

    1. The wording there, ". . . specific kinds of faultless, fastest correcting . . ." is rather awkward, as "fastest" has a more adverbial sound. I'm no grammarian, and it may not be technically incorrect. But I'd never write a sentence like that. It probably didn't help in transcribing either.

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