A few confusing brief forms

I had some fun reviewing these brief forms from a prior post but a few have me confused. Probably this is because I learned Series 90 and this list is Anniversary edition.

I include the image of the outlines that I cannot understand.


The original chart is here

A Wordsign Chart

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  1. This is the 1916 New and Revised Edition (not Anniversary). From left to right: find, wife, society, better, clerk, God, corporation, mortgage, jury (July), significant (significance), merchant, fault, vowel, truth, pupil, sir, typewriter.

    For "merchant", the t is missing, but I have another version of the same chart in which that outline was corrected. Unfortunately, it is smaller in size than this one, so it's not worth scanning it.

    1. You’re welcome. The list is not in alphabetical order, but it follows the order presented in the ninth lesson of the 1916 manual. The word “merchant” was added to complete the chart, even though it is not officially in the lesson either.

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