Intensive Exercises in Vocabulary Building by Charles Swem (1928)

This book (Intensive Exercises in Vocabulary Building by Charles Lee Swem) has been digitized as an online loan on Internet Archive.  It contains practice for high-frequency words, and it includes a key at the end.  You can’t download it as a .pdf, but if you have an Internet Archive account, you can read it for free online.

Attachment: 1928 – Swem’s Intensive Exercises.pdf

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  1. This book is very rare. I'm glad it has been digitized. The selections in this book are also used in Swem's Gregg Shorthand Reporting Course, also a very rare book.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. By the way, I love how this book is organized.  Simplicity at its best!

    Unrelated… I got to share Gregg shorthand with the younger generation today.  I'm a Sunday School teacher to a group of 8 and 9 year olds.  I was holding a notebook while teaching, one that I had jotted things down in Gregg Notehand regarding the points for today's lesson.  The kids saw "the strange language" and got really excited by it.  They all said they wanted to learn it.  Maybe there's hope for a Gregg revival one day!


  3. Gregg Student and Carlos, thank you!
    This is a treasure.  I'm going to really enjoy using this.

    Teri, I hope it works with the Sunday School children.  That is lovely.  

  4. I kept thinking maybe I had this book, but couldn't locate it.  After our move to Texas 2 1/2 years ago, a few things have still been hard for me to find, in spite of careful packing and organizing.

    So I finally took all my Gregg books off the shelf, and lo and behold I do have it.  It's a slim little book, and was tucked in beside a slightly larger book that made it disappear.  

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