Gregg Briefhand?

OK, I’ve heard of Greghand and Notehand… but Gregg Briefhand?  I found this page on the Rider University website. The book is from 1951 and has 231 pages.  It’s written by Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek, but it’s published by Shorthand Associates.

Has anyone seen this one before or does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. Teri, I did several searches at bookbinder, add all, ebay, and also with search engines for anything online, at all.  I could not find anything.

    Are you thinking of trying Inter-Library loan?

    1. I'm not sure about what Gregg Briefhand is, but Carter's Briefhand is an alphabetic system. Call or email Rider's library to see if they can scan or photocopy the book (or selected pages) for you since it is from a special collection. I don't know if they ever copyrighted the book.

      1. In most countries, the act of creation gives copyright. You can then sell or licence all or part of it. Registering isn't necessary. If I have proof that I created something, then you registering it is legally irrelevant, although it might increase my court costs when I sue.

        Some countries don't recognize copyright for things made outside, but most do. Enforcing (aka lawyer fees and court costs), though, is up to the creator.

        Copies can be made for fair use. I can quote a bit your work, but not the entire thing, and I have to reference it properly. Copying a few pages so you can see if you want more is probably fair use.

      2. I'm still working on trying to get a copy of the Greghand Reading Book from NYPL.  It's going to be expensive to get a scan… "charge is $10 for remote copies + 50 cents per page."  The Greghand Reading Book is around 180 pages, so that'd be $100 right there.  They say it will take 4-8 weeks.  I think that is just for a .pdf scan.

        Anyone want to go in on an order?  I want to try to get the Greghand book first before the Briefhand one.


  2. I couldn't find this item in the Library of Congress catalogue either. Perhaps it was a privately circulated manuscript rather than a commercial publication?

    1. I wonder about this too. Technically, if either Leslie and Zoubek were working on a manuscript related to shorthand, it would belong to McGraw-Hill since they are employees of the company. Is it a typewritten manuscript? Is "Shorthand Associates" a real company? Too many questions …

  3. Actually, looking closer at the Newberry listing, it says in the notes:

    Reproduction of typescript and manuscript.
    Imperfect: leaves 37-55 (Chapter 4) wanting.

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