Witloof – A Delicacy from Belgium

Have you eaten witloof, or as they are most commonly known: endives? This small article transcribed by me in Centennial Gregg talks about how they were first discovered, and gives some hints on how to grow and serve this vegetable.

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  1. This looks quite interesting, but for an unknown reason, I cannot download the file.  Nor does clicking on the print-file icon, to save as a PDF work.  The URL flips back and forth in a series of redirects.  Then an error page comes up with an unintelligible explanation about too many redirects.

    A search-engine query resulted in the following recommendations for a Macbook:  reset Safari (which also clears the cache), delete website cookies, get out of Private browsing, uncheck the "Do not Track" in Preferences.

    I have done all of the above.  And turned off the computer, waited some hours, restarted computer, to find the problem still exists.  I tried all the recommendations again, and still no success.

    I tried clicking on the files in the main Reading Material section, and same problem occurred with that approach to access the file.

    Can someone help with this?

    Thanks very much.  🙂

    1. I don't use Safari, but apparently the issue is related to new security measures that were implemented by Apple on their browser this year, specifically the prevention of cross-site tracking. Users report that by unchecking that, they are able to fix the problem. Go to Safari, Preferences, Privacy, Website Tracking, and uncheck the box "Prevent Cross-site Tracking." If this doesn't work, I suggest to use Chrome for the Mac and report your issue with Apple.


  2. I have Chrome, but not a Mac. I've been having a lot of trouble on this site. For some reason, I can get this page, but if I try to go on others, it won't let me. It will look like I'm signed out and won't sign me in again unless I go to a different page. For instance, when I click on "Message from a New Member," there's no message, only your comment, Carlos. I tried to write replies last month and it wouldn't let me.

    Any reason why?

    1. That shouldn't be happening. Logoff from the blog, clear the cache from the browser, and logon to the blog again. If that doesn't solve the issue, send me a note so that we can together trace the issue.

  3. Carlos, thank you so much for your ideas.  My computer is older.

    I have had trouble logging in, too.

    I've discovered that I have to check the "stay logged in" box, or the log-in process doesn't take hold.

    Sometimes, when I go to another page, the log-in doesn't go with the pagination.


    Today, even though the back-and-forth occurred, I was able to download this nice piece about Belgian endive.

    Thank you for all your help, and for giving us such a variety of shorthand pieces.  🙂

    1. I've had similar trouble before, particularly when I try to post a brand new post.  It tells me to log in before posting, even though I'm already logged in.  So I log in again and still, it won't let me post.  It's very weird.  I have a newer computer.  I switch between Firefox and Chrome to try to get through when it gets hung up like that.

      1. If something like that happens while writing a new post (not by commenting), save the post as a draft, and then logoff from the site, followed by the instructions I described above (clearing cache, etc.). I'll be doing some troubleshooting to investigate this issue.

        1. Firefox seems to have more troubles than Chrome.  I tried to view the Theory Group 1 post in Firefox and it kept coming up empty, telling me I had to log in (which I did multiple times).  When I switched over to Chrome, it was all fine.

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