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  1. Excellent Serry and welcome to the blog! For your own writing, you can start substituting shorthand for those words that you know how to write already from the manual lessons (for example, the brief forms and phrases). Don't try to write words that you don't know at this stage since you are still learning the rules.

    1. Thank you, Carlos, that's good advice, and I'll take it!  It's a welcome thing, that shorthand can be learned gradually, as it's adaptable to folks not taking courses and classes.

  2. Enjoy the journey!  One thing that might interest you is that I was learning rather slowly until I got the Functional Method books as recommended by Carlos.  Once I got those, I started picking Gregg up much faster and surprisingly with much less effort.  I'm not sure which version you have decided to stick with but the Functional Method books are easily available for Anni and Simplified (and perhaps others).  Good luck!

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