“The 12 Rules For Life” — in Notehand!

I’ve been wanting to post Notehand reading material to the blog for awhile now, but I knew I needed to improve my penmanship first.  My shorthand is still not anywhere near as polished as Carlos’ beautiful penmanship, but here is my first offering, such as it is.  Maybe Notehand can be represented now up in the Reading Material at the top of the page?

For my first attempt, I chose the outline to The 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson.  For a key to the Notehand, click here and scroll about a fourth of the way down the Wikipedia page to the 12-point outline.

“The 12 Rules for Life” by Jordan B. Peterson. Written in Gregg Notehand.

Attachment: 12-rules-of-life.pdf

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  1. I noticed there is a lot of digital noise surrounding the outlines, for some reason (it looks fine on the edit page).  I do have this as a .pdf as well if you want me to post it.

    1. Hello,

      for the noise surrounding the outlines, it's the result of the JPG compression. It is a destructive way to make the pictures lighter. It is less visible in the pictures with lots of colors and details for which the JPG is better suited.

      For pictures with simples shapes and flat areas, PNG or GIF are generally used…

      (I'm sure this text is very interesting but again English shorthand is beyond my capacity of understanding.)


      1. Thank you for the tip!  

        My scanner doesn't scan to GIF, but my husband was able to pop it into Paint and we were able to convert it to GIF there.  It looks better now.  Ah, technology! 

  2. Thanks for this! Very interesting to see some Notehand.

    I thought it would be cool to compare this to the same in Simplified. I've split up the 12 items and written the Simplified version below each for easier comparison. You can see it here.

    1. I love this!  I can see where Simplified is less clunky in places. And I should have utilized more phrasing, even with the Notehand.  This was fun!

      1. I'm glad you like it!

        This was the second version I did. In the first, I wrote everything word for word to match whatever you had written. But then I remembered that Notehand doesn't have as much phrasing and so I redid it to more closely show what the differences would be with Simplified, not only in the outlines, but also in the phrasing choices as well.

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