Text to Speech Project — Help Needed

Many years ago (at least two computers) I wrote a program using Python and Cepstral (a TTS engine) to convert text to mp3 files. I made a good start at “recording” all of Simplified Functional Edition 2, but didn’t finish it, and planned to offer the service to anyone with text files. Then I found a problem with the calibration, and life got busy. (Good, but busy.)

Does anyone want to take it over? Or redo it with a different language or TTS engine? Or whatever it takes to get a reasonably easy way to convert sound files to dictation files? Or learn more about how it works before deciding? I can consult, but I haven’t coded in years. I’m not stuck on Python or Cepstral, they were just the best tools I had at the time.

Email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread.

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  1. How much Python knowledge would someone need?  I am a very beginner beginner, so I'm going to suppose this might not be a good "get your feet wet" project. It sounds really interesting though,  and I wish you the best of luck finding someone to take the project over for you. 🙂

    1. If you've done much with other languages, you could probably follow it. I learned a lot writing it, but each thing was easy on its own. That's the way it is with most programming. I'd say intermediate, because it calls the OS to run Cepstral. It also uses user-generated libraries. It's not advanced though. My husband's a professional programmer and considers it pretty simple, but not simple enough for the time he has.

      I can send you the code. I'm pretty proud of a couple of the wheels that I reinvented while writing it.

  2. Hope you're able to find someone.  I don't know anything about programming.  I'm still working on materials for Notehand, too (dictation recordings and a dictionary).  Hopefully someone will want to help out with the Simplified Functional dictations you've begun.

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