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  1. I'm stuck on a couple of words here (anniversary isn't my edition, but I'll take a stab at it!)


    "He worked by day

    and toiled by night

    _____ up play

    and _____ would lie (?) 

    Dry because he read

    new things to learn (?)

    and forged ahead

    success to earn (?). 

    He plodded on

    with faith and pluck

    and when he won

    men ______ it luck."


    So what did I miss?

    1. Getting close! If you learn the Anniversary brief forms, you could figure most of it out. Here are some hints:

      1. The outline before  "up play" is a phrase, composed of two brief forms.

      2. The sideways o-hook on the fourth line is a brief form.

      3. On the same line, it is not "would lie", but a single word: it doesn't have the final t because final t's are omitted in Anniversary in most outlines that end with the broken circle.

      4. On the fifth line, b-k-s is not "because", but the plural of a brief form.

      5. On the last line, k-u-disjoined t is the past tense of a brief form.

  2. "He worked by day

    And toiled by night.

    He gave up play

    And all delight.

    Dry books he read

    New things to learn,

    And forged ahead,

    Success to earn.

    He plodded on

    With faith and pluck,

    And when he won,

    Men called it luck."

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