When to use right S

I’ve never been able to understand when to write left “S” and when to use right “S”.  Is there a rule? My words come out looking awkward compared to those in the book. I’m learning using Gregg Shorthand Simplified Second Edition.  Thank you!

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  1. Hello,
    I don’t know the Gregg « Shorthand Simplified Second Edition » but yes, there are rules. I’m using the French version of Anniversary.
    In the Anniversary, this is what it is written:
    « Initial and Final S. 1. Before and after p, b, r and l and after t, d, n, m and o, the left ‘s’ is used. 2. In all other cases the right ‘s’ is used. »
    Personnaly I don’t make fuss about it, I learn words. If it takes time to know how to write a form, shorthand is, in my point of view, useless.

  2. As Christine said, the complete s-joining rules can be found in the Anniversary and earlier manuals. Click here. In the Simplified manual, they appear in the "Penmanship" section of the review chapters.


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