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Thought I’d take a shot at communicating something in shorthand (simplified).  I did write a short note to my 8-year-old daughter in shorthand so this represents my second note.  Here is a link to it:

My Second Note in Shorthand

I am confident that it is replete with errors, and hopeful that it is decipherable nonetheless.

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  1. It's impressive to see that you are actually using shorthand at this early stage in your learning. As you say, the text is replete with errors. But these will disappear as you progress. Despite the errors, the note is pretty easily readable. There are just two outlines I can't read:

    1. Second line, first outline, "… of learning shorthand is ??? it helps …"

    2. Fifth line, second outline, "… sound out ??? words …"

    Remember that in shorthand legibility trumps correct theory. Illegible shorthand is useless, and theory, when you come right down to it, is only meant to help increase speed and legibility.

    I think this shorthand project is a wonderful thing to do while your granddaughter is learning to read regular writing. Keep up the good work, and please post some more notes here!

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback and encouragement!  In the first outline of the second line I was trying for an underhanded "th" followed by an "a" and a "t"; I was trying to write "that".  The second outline on the fifth line is a failed attempt at "words".  I should have scratched that one out.

  3. "She writes symbols backwards. So do I." laugh

    This reminds me when I started writing. Words that I had studied I wrote correctly. Others I went by sound. Most of these are just theory errors which will be corrected once you study the lessons. Keep going ahead!

  4. Oh, Jeff! That was wonderful. I love how you plunge right in with the tools at your disposal. Also, even this little snippet shows that you are a born writer. Happy grandfathering…. 

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