Beginner’s Scrawl–Simplified Sample 2

Attempt 2:

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      1. Your proportions are very good! Here are some little penmanship and theory points so that you keep improving:

        1. Words that start with a horizontal straight stroke (n, m) should be started right on the writing line so that you have the full space above the n or m (just like you started writing "news" on the line). In that way, the circle vowels in the words "my", "Memrise", and "means" will be written below the line.

        2. When the oo-hook is connected to n or m (like in the word "news"), the hook is written on the side to avoid an angle with the n. So "news" is written like this:


        3. The word "outline" does not have a "t" because "out" is a brief form written as a-oo hook.

        4. "Trouble" is written t-r-b. The "b" ending represents the suffix -ble.

        5. You probably haven't studied the blends lesson, but some consonant combinations in Gregg can be expressed by blending the two consonants to form a new stroke. For example, the syllable "mem" is written as a long horizontal line, longer than an m (without the e circle). Also, the outline for "word" is written oo-hook-e-rd blend, where the rd blend is an r with a slightly raised ending (this raising of the ending indicates the d). But since you haven't studied these yet, writing them phonetically is perfectly fine.

        Keep up the good work!

  1. Another point of theory is that there is an abbreviation for "hundred", which is a Gregg letter n (i.e. a short horizontal line) written directly under the numeral. So 100 can be written as a 1 floating over a Gregg n.

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