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  1. Jeff – It's good to see that you're keeping up the practice, and I enjoyed your joke about m words.

    One thing I'd advise you, besides practicing the short forms, is to watch the difference between p and b on the one hand, and f and v on the other. The v in "advised" should be written in the clockwise direction, and the p in "up" should be written counterclockwise. (I used to get strokes backwards too sometimes.)

  2. Awesome! Here is some outline help, just adding to what Larry wrote:









    The words "then", "from", and "think" are brief forms. Notice that "then" is the brief form for "the" + n. The final t of “first” is omitted (you will later learn the rule about omission of t in the ending -st and when it applies). The brief form for "think" is an “over th” with a dot; it is also the outline for "thing", since the final dot represents -ing. Make sure that when you write the dot in “thing” and “think”, the dot is written in the middle of the “th”, because if you write it at the end of the “th” it will be the word “thank”:

    Lastly, the outline of “from” is also the outline of “form”, since the initial f is used to represent the sound “for” (consider it as the brief form “for” + m).

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