Les Droits de l’Homme (French)


In these troubled times, I wanted to tackle something more… essential. So these are the first three articles of the « Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme », United Nations version. Again here are some words I didn’t find in the manuals, so I created them based on the “Gregg Shorthand Dictionary” like “fraternité” from “fraternity” and “souveraineté” from “sovereignty” for example…

Feel free to criticize…





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  1. Nice! I would write "ressortissante" as r-left s-o hook-t-e-left s-dot, just like "amortissement" includes the t-e-s (which comes from "amortir"), and to avoid confusion with "ressortant/e." But if you can transcribe it, it really doesn't matter.

    1. Hi, Carlos!

      I agree with you for "ressortissant"… The present participle of "ressortir" is "ressortant" and not "ressortissant", it's accurate. I will change it. Thanks.

      Maybe other people have other suggestions…


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