Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth…

This article kind of goes along with what we’ve been discussing lately.

Recipes for Success in Gregg Shorthand

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  1. Thanks for posting! When I read the article it presented 6 skills to work on:

    1. Reading

    2. Vocabulary

    3. Dictation from known material

    4. Dictation from new material

    5. Willingness to work

    6. English skills

    For me it was a little confusing at first whether the author was recommending these efforts or not, since for each there was a caution and concern expressed. I think the idea was that each was an important aspect to learning shorthand effectively, but there have been many teachers who spin off on these skills and over-complicate them. Be patient, have fun and keep it simple shines through here.

  2. Interesting article, although you have to be aware that Louis Leslie invented the functional method, and is a bit biased towards the "read a lot of shorthand" approach.

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