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  1. Awesome! I see 4 things:

    1. study: s – ted blend – e (the oo-hook is omitted here, however, the oo hook is written in “student” because it is a different u sound)

    2. everything: e – v – left th – dot ("ever" is a brief form).

    3. manual: men blend – l (no a).

    4. or: o hook – r (not o hook alone, which is the brief form "of").

    And yes, what you wrote is very true! Just like a lot of the letters are addressed to Mr. Brown.

    By the way, since you're making a lot of progress, you can incorporate more phrasing in your writing. You can phrase "of my" (don't turn the hook on the side for this one!), and "so far."

  2. Hello, Jeff!

    It seems that you left a blank line because you were bothered by the height of your forrms…

    Why not using a blank sheet and draw your own guidelines?


    1. Collisions are common and sometimes unavoidable. Writing around the conflicting word without skipping a line is the usual way of dealing with this situation. We discussed a little bit about it in this post. The only thing about skipping a line is that it may throw off your writing rhythm when taking dictation and slow you down because the hand has to travel a little farther.

      1. Actually I was thinking less about the collisions (the professionals of the past had no qualms about that, that's true) than the feeling of being comfortable. It changes the way you draw when you see you have space…


  3. I could read it all of it and haven't looked at gregg for a long while till recently. Those boring manuals (post Anniversary) also express how distressed they are by not receiving  payments by Mr Smith or Mr Jones for some bill and how they will have to  take action if not received soon. 

  4. I can assure you that the selections you post are a welcome relief from those business letters. I'm also enjoying these posts by Jeff and the French posts by Christine, which are helping me learn to read French Gregg (since I don't have a manual). Anything but Mr. Brown defaulting on his March bill…

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