Help with early version of Gregg

I would appreciate any help with this early version of Gregg. Thank you!

(Click the images for a full view.)

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  1. Hello, dear member,
    the pictures are too small for me. (Not that I can do anything anyway. It’s probably English and I do only French.)

    1. What I get, reading a bit:

      (question marks indicate unsure, brackets show what was written in Gregg)

      (sn ma let sn) Son, my little son

      (cm clos nd lesn tu ot iv tsa) Come close and listen to what I have to say

      (paps tlfi u lit hard tu u/stn) Pap's? (Perhaps) ?? you(r) little hard to understand

      (b a ont tutel u ab smum) But I want to tell you about someone(?)

      (hus ve clos tu ma hart) Who is very clos to my heart


      You can see it is very context sensitive, so some context will be appreciated.

  2. On the second page starting with line 5 I came up with a possible reading of-

    just one more thing more

    before to go to sleep

    say one short prayer for her

    I know that she is in tonight

    because (the rest of the last line i can't figure out)


  3. My shot at it:

    For my little son

    Come close and listen to hwat I have to say

    Perhaps you will find this a little hard to understand

    But I want to tell you about someone

    Who's very close to my heart

    Someone who gave me everything that is fine in life

    And made our life together a thing [ ] surpassing beauty

    Bringing me kind happiness

    No matter how long or [  ] the days

    And what is more

    She found time to love us both

    With every fiber of her being

    In you son I see all the things that made her dear to me

    A smile so much like some [  ]

    A voice so childlike but beneath it all: [best?]

    And son that is when you [  ]

    I see her again

    [second page]

    [  ] every [  ]

    with sweetness and light

    These are the things I wanted you to count

    And so goodnight my son

    Just one more thing

    Before ou go to sleep

    Say one short prayer for her

    I know that she is near tonight

    Because you see this is our anniversary.


  4. Thank you all so much. You were all so helpful. The one line I think may read "A smile so much like sun through the trees". 

    Carlos, a woman notified me on a website I joined a few months back to do freelance work. I was looking for work doing audio transcription, but I also have Gregg Shorthand transcription on there as well. I've only had a few jobs (including this one) for Shorthand transcription. I did have one where this woman had perfect penmanship like I have never seen. That one was easy because it was also in the diamond jubilee version. Like I said, I didn't even know there were different versions until I joined the group. Thanks again for having me. 

    Christine, yes this personal note reads more beautiful than anything I have also. On that note…if my kids come to you to transcribe my old journals, don't do it. ha ha..


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