-stion / -ien in French DJS


I want to write the word gestion (which I pronounce jes-t-ion), which I haven’t found either in my (unfinished) readings. Is there a -tion (pronounced TION not SION) special ending?

Also, I’m not sure about the ending -ien as in lien, algérien, entretien. Is it written the same way as “ion” (i-n) ?


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  1. Hello, Aymeric,
    yes, the end of the K curve is a bit longer like in “direction”(exercice 169 in the Sénécal), “question” (exercise 160 in the Sénécal)…
    I know I speak for the Sénécal but I don’t think it’s different for DJS.
    -TION has a sound different from -SION… that’s true but it seems to be written the same way (exercise 70 in the Sénécal).
    But maybe Carlos will say something different…

  2. Thank you Christine! in the meantime I modified my questions because I ended up finding "action" and "affection" in my own manual…

    About gestion: would you write it: g-e-s-t-i-n?

    All I know for sure is that in DJS the -ion ending is i-n. So maybe -tion (with the T sound in it) is simply t-i-n… (?)

    1. Even though gestion is pronounced with a t, it is written with the -tion ending (sh) in French DJS (j – e – right s – sh); one of those weird things, for sure … (I would have written it as j – e – right s – tn blend, but that's me …)

      The -ien in lien, entretien, and algérien is written as e – n.


    2. For the record, "gestion" in Sénécal is written "g-e-sh". There is no "s".

      Probably in relation to the verb "gérer" which is only written "g-reversed e"…

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