Famous Gregg shorthand users


on a thread on another website, someone who is very prolific and knows a lot of things, made a list of famous people using shorthand. Next to the name, he put — when he knew it — the type of shorthand.

There’s no Gregg shorthand in this list.

So I was wondering… who are the famous people knowing Gregg shorthand? Are they any?


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  1. Christine,

    What is the URL where you found the list? I'd be interested in it. As far as writers of English shorthand go, I know only a few, and only one of them wrote Gregg. My short list is as follows.

    Samuel Pepys: Shelton's Tachygraphy

    Charles Dickens: Gurney Shorthand

    George Bernard Shaw: Isaac Pitman's Phonography

    Woodrow Wilson: Pitman or Pitmanic shorthand (But note that when he hired a stenographer, he chose Charles Lee Swem, who was one of the fastest writers of Gregg Shorthand.)

    Billy Rose: Gregg Shorthand, which he studied under Gregg himself. He sometimes gave public demonstrations of his shorthand skills, writing ambidextrously or with chalk attached to the tip of an umbrella.

      1. For the ones who don't know French and are interested by the list, when the contributeur didn't know the method, he put a question mark next to the name… when there's nothing next to the name, it's the Gabelsberger shorthand.

  2. That link had Tom Wolfe the author, as using Pitman, actually he used Gregg Shorthand, there are interviews and notes he has done that will show this. He didn't like using tape recorders when interviewing people for research, etc, so he used shorthand instead.

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