Challenge: All the Rules in a Few(ish) Sentences

The Reddit shorthand group ( ) has all of the rules in Forkner in 8 sentences, from the textbook. (It’s somewhere on this site, too.)

That’s a bit optimistic for Gregg, but it’s a neat challenge.

Can we do it in one sentence per group of lessons? Maybe a very short paragraph. Bonus points if the whole thing makes a sensible story.

(Are The and And in the first group? We might have to do them early or get very creative.)

If you’re worried about some versions or chapters getting more volunteers than others, sign up here.

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  1. I think this is a laudable goal but I also think this is a more than "a bit optimistic".  Also, while I'm not "worried" about some versions or chapters getting more volunteers than others, I do think that the project should either be limited to a specific version (or generic enough to be applicable to all versions if that is possible) or that there should be separate projects for different versions if there is enough interest to cover more than one version of Gregg.

  2. The closest may be this poem that was posted on this group several years ago.

    There's also this Principles of Joining from the back of a series 90 text, though it is not as brief as the  Forkner example.  It applies mainly to Diamond Jubilee, Notehand, Series 90 and Centennial.

    Daily Gregg has a lovely outline summary for Simplified.

    Carlos posted summary pages for Anniversary.

    I just posted one-page summaries of Gregg Notehand.

    These might be the closest you get to your idea!



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