Le trésor du baobab – part 2 (French)


as the first part was perfect because no mistakes have been found, I resume and conclude the story.

This story is — more or less — an education to courtship.

Edit: the changes have been made.

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  1. La fin de l'histoire … and some small corrections:

    Line 3: the first e in "revêtit" looks like an a.

    Line 25: the oo-hook-s in "rageuse" is written without the angle.

    Line 31: I would add another b to "semblable", to distinguish it from "sembler."

  2. Hello,
    I must admit, I didn’t think I will have some comments… I’m glad.
    Line 3 : I see.
    Line 25 : I think I understand what you mean but I’m not sure…
    Line 31 : I agree. In the Sénécal, “invraisemblable” appears at the end and there are two “b”. A bit cumbersome but it’s true.
    For the first part of the story, I must get back the book from the library…
    Thank you, Carlos !

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