Sayings and a quote (French)


some sayings from all around the world and a quote.

Again, feel free to critize.


My favourite is the number 2.

Edit: changes made.

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  1. 1. Tu as une langue et deux oreilles — dis un seul mot pour en écouter deux.

    2. Il faut que le hasard renverse la fourmi (?) pour qu'elle voir le ciel.

    3. Il n’y a pas un grand nombre de vérités, seulement quelques-unes. Leur signification (?) est trop profonde pour qu’on les saisisse autrement que sous forme de symboles.

    4. Qui croit est heureux, qui doute est sage.

    5. Qui s'instruit sans agir, laboure sans semer.

    6. Grand Esprit, fait en sorte que je ne critique jamais quelqu'un avant d'avoir marché sur le sentier de la vie dans ses mocassins.

    7. Si la femme marche derrière son mari, ce n'est pas qu'elle le suit, c'est qu'elle le pousse.

    I would have written fourmi as f – m – e on #2. Also, on #3, signification should be right s – e – n (marked) – disjoined f.

    Lastly, why are proverbe arabe and hongrois written above the line?

  2. Thank you for your quick reply, Carlos. smiley

    You're right: "fourmi" begins with a "four" and the prefix should be used. The same for "signification"… it ends with "fication" and there's a suffix for that. And I really don't know why "proverbe arabe" and "hongrois" are above the line.

    It is unusual you bother to translate… everything is all right?

        1. Reading for me is not much of an issue if the penmanship is good (like yours!), and some of the phrases and words repeat over and over again, so one learns to recognize them. However, writing is because I haven't studied French Gregg to be comfortable with it, and if I stumble, I have to check the manual!

  3. I made the changes. For “signification”, I agree with Carlos… it would be more logical to write it the way he said. But, I checked again and Sénécal had decided to make it a brief form and then it is the same as “signifier” (art. 60 page 28… at the end).
    I’m not sure that you gain a lot of time, though…

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