Seven New Gregg Writer Issues on Internet Archive

Today I uploaded 7 scanned issues of the Gregg Writer to the Internet Archive.  I also updated the PDF file I previously posted that includes links to downloadable issues of the the Gregg Writer for Google Books and Internet Archive. Here are the issues I uploaded:

Gregg Writer – Volume 8 – July-August 1906:

Gregg Writer – Volume 9 – Sept-Dec 1906, May 1907:

The two issues from Volume 8 are missing from the Google Books PDF file that has been around for years and contains Volumes 7 and 8.

The five issues from Volume 9 are missing from the Harvard Library collection and are not among the seven issues that were recently digitized for a Google Books.

Here is the updated link for the PDF file that contains links to several issues of the Gregg Writer on Google Books and the Internet Archive:



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  1. Thanks so very much for posting some pre-anny material.  There seems to be precious little of it to practice on.

    I am reluctant to read too much of the later versions of Gregg, because they interfere with older brief forms memory, which, in my view, are critical to faster writing.  Pre-anny memory load is heavy but worth the effort.

    1. If you are interested in 1902 shorthand, download the Advanced Practice in Gregg Shorthand books using the Internet Archive link in my other recent post. Those books were published from 1913-1915. There are 185 pages of shorthand plates scanned in color. 

      I will be posting several preanniversary 1916 Shorthand Gregg Writer stories in the next few weeks. 

    2. While I understand that you may be hesitant in reading other Gregg series besides the 1916 New and Revised Edition, I don't think you should be reluctant to do so if you already know the 1916 edition well. Reading other series of Gregg would help you notice the similarities and differences with your own writing and, at the same time, will help you reinforce the principles you already learned.

      1. Thanks for your observation, Carlos.  I do occasionally read versions of Gregg other than Pre-Anniversary, but it is mostly limited to Anniversary, which was the version I originally learned. 

        I will take your advice, though, and see how my mental acuity responds.  I have picked up even later brief forms from Blanchard-Zoubek's "Expert Shorthand Speed Course," which is my favorite reference. 

        After many years of writing Gregg, I still find it fascinating, and I am thrilled with the recent new postings of pre-anny material!

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